“Link tasks, roles and relationships with the Department’s strategic vision.”
Ilene Wasserman

Leadership & Human Relations Training

Studies show that effective Leadership and Human Relations Training is best comprehended when taught in an engaging and hands-on format. In this type of learning environment, opportunities are presented through a graduated series of activities and initiatives, and participants "live" through the training experiences.

With Leadership and Human Relations Training, individuals will work within a team format to grow and enhance their ability to guide others, while learning the power of confidence and presence. Working from the foundation of a clearly defined goal, leaders will learn to role-model passion and drive, while influencing others to action and individual accountability.

Throughout our Leadership and Human Relations Training modules, we continually identify and refine the true role of a leader, while examining the core values of some of the great leaders throughout history. By practicing these effective leadership behaviors, we identify and work on the necessary growth areas of each participant and rapidly enhance their skills for immediate application.

Our Leadership and Human Relations Training will:

  • Meet each participant at their current leadership level and rapidly increase ability and confidence.
  • Empower leaders to identify and communicate well-defined objectives and goals that move others to action.
  • Explore how the core values of a leader will affect their leadership style.
  • Explore the development of a team and teach techniques to grow trust and cohesiveness.
  • Teach how to manage conflict while maintaining respect and control.
  • Reveal the positive and long-lasting effects of thanking, acknowledging, and recognizing your employees.
  • Enhance communication and listening skills.
  • Teach effective coaching and feedback skills.
  • Offer practical tools on prioritizing, time management, and critical thinking.

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