Ensuring a Plan for Success

Many organizations have a pretty or not so pretty binder on  a shelf referred to as a "Strategic Plan".  Unfortunately, most of these plans are visionary in nature which is why the plan remains on the shelf and fails to reach the implenation process.


When working with client organizations, B&A ensures that our clients' plan is actionable in nature so that the plan becomes a process that leads to measurable outcomes and accomplishments.  


In this process, we work with all levels of staff to complete the following:

  • Assess the current conditions by looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Determine shared commitment statements and core values
  • Identify clear, concise, and measurable goals 
  • Craft implementation plans including timelines and accountability


To ensure the success of strategic planning initiatives, B&A works with client organizations to provide Strategic Management.   This process ensures an ongoing refinement and evaluation of performance, culture, communications, data reporting, and other strategic management practices is occuring. 

Optimizing Leadership Performance

We believe that the employees hold the greatest value in any given organization and sincerely want to be productive and excel in their daily work endeavors.  Because of this fact, we go to great lengths to invest in our client organziations' team members.


Many organizations are so busy working that they fail to provide employees the training and development opportunities needed to do their jobs effectively.  In some cases, certifications and continuing education units are required yet staff are working each day without fulfilling mandated requirements.


In order to optimize performance, we provide the following:

  • 360-Reviews- For the formal leadership team, we conduct 360-Reviews to provide staff with well rounded feedback to help hone in on strengths and minimize blind spots.  
  • Employee Training and Development Programs- We work with staff as well as vendors to identify core curriculum needed to ensure the success and productivity of employees.  Once we know what training opportunities are needed, we customize a training and development program that fits your budget while meeting training requirements, mandated or otherwise.
  • Orientation Programs- B&A will customize an orientation program to ensure that all new employees being added to your organization are introduced to your core values and shared mission while making sure new hires feel welcomed and fully aware of the core services offered throughout the organization.


Leading Change Initiatives

Change is inevitable and when the time comes for your organization to navigate change, B&A offers a five step process that has proven highly successful.  We have learned that the following five strategies are vital to ensure a successful outcome in the change management process. First, change must start at the top.  When assisting our client organizations in launching and leading change intiatives, we establish clarity, consensus, and committment with Executives and Upper Level Management initially before moving into phase 2.  Once we see that a majority of the formal leadership team is on board, we move into involvoing every layer of the organization. By doing so, we esablish a great sense of loyalty and buy-in which is needed to trudge through the uncertainties and challenges that may lie ahead. Next we take to heart the coined terminology, "fake it until you make it" by training staff to act their way into new thinking.  During the implementation phase of change, many employees experience a great deal of fear and fail to succeed as they did in the past, due to the demand to learn new processes, technology, and procedures. It's vital that during this time staff act in alignment with their new commitment to make changes despite the comfort found in doing things the old way. New ways of thinking do not come naturally and as your staff work through this phase, B&A staff will walk along side to ensure that change occurs.  As changes are being implemented, B&A staff pay close attention to ensure that staff are engaged in the process and feel involved in making improvements throughout the organization. Lastly, to ensure successful change management, we assess newly implemented processes and make recommendations on how an organization must adapt to be effective.

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